Tiffany's Videos

Tiffany smoked cigarettes, even though her mother, a smoker, died of lung cancer when Tiffany was 16. She finally quit smoking in 2012, when her own daughter turned 16. In these commercials and extended videos, Tiffany tells her story.

Tiffany and Sharon’s “Ways to Quit” Tips Commercial

In this commercial, Tiffany encourages smokers get help to quit for good, using proven methods like smoking cessation counseling and nicotine replacement therapy, before they need to have their voice box removed like Sharon.

Tiffany’s Ad: Smoking and Family

When Tiffany was 16, her mother—a cigarette smoker—died of lung cancer. Despite her loss, Tiffany started smoking 3 years later. In this TV commercial from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers® campaign, Tiffany says she quit smoking at 34 because she could not bear the thought of missing out on any part of her own daughter’s life.

Tiffany: How I Quit Smoking

Tiffany had an emotional reason to quit smoking: as a teen, she lost her mother to lung cancer. She knew that restroom breaks and car trips would tempt her, so she carefully planned to quit by using nicotine patches, walking, and friends’ support. In this video, Tiffany talks about how she quit smoking for good.

Tiffany: Surprising Things About Quitting

Tiffany didn’t think about all the ways smoking hurt her daily life until she quit. Then life quickly started getting better. Food tasted better. She had more energy and more confidence. And there was one big surprise. In this video she says, “The money I save from not smoking is absolutely great!”

Tiffany: You Don’t Quit Just for Yourself

Tiffany talks about losing her mother, a smoker, to lung cancer when she was 16. Despite this, Tiffany smoked for years before realizing what she might miss in her own daughter’s life. In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Tiffany’s daughter’s, Jaelin, says she cannot imagine living without her mother. Jaelin goes on to tell her mom how proud she is of her for quitting smoking for good.

Tiffany’s Decision

Like many smokers, Tiffany had seen an older family member harmed by smoking, yet she kept buying cigarettes for herself. In this emotional TV ad, Tiffany talks about the “aha” moment that sent her on a different, healthier path for her own life.

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