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Rebecca's Videos

Rebecca started smoking as a teenager. Her family smoked around her constantly, and she soon became addicted to cigarettes. She struggled with depression for years and found it difficult to quit smoking. With the help of therapy, exercise, and support from others, Rebecca was able to stop smoking. In these commercials and videos, Rebecca tells her story.  

Rebecca's Tip

Rebecca started smoking at age 16.  At age 33, she was diagnosed with depression. As a smoker for many years, Rebecca turned to cigarettes to help her cope. When she tried to quit and couldn’t, she felt even more depressed and started smoking again. “That was just a vicious, vicious cycle,” she said. In this ad from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers™ campaign, Rebecca talks about how quitting made her feel better – mentally and physically.

Rebecca: Vicious Cycle

Rebecca struggled with depression. In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Rebecca explains how she used to smoke to cope with her depression, but ended up feeling more depressed. She realized that cigarettes weren’t helping her and knew she had to quit. In her words, “It’s about taking control of your life.” She quit and found that there is life beyond smoking. 

Rebecca: The New Me

What makes a smoker quit? In this video from CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Rebecca reveals that the birth of her grandson motivated her to quit for good. She made other healthy changes too. She sought help for her depression and began to exercise.  As a result, she is healthier and happier.