Jessica’s Videos

Although Jessica never smoked, many of her son Aden’s asthma attacks were triggered by exposure to secondhand smoke from a caregiver. Unfortunately, Jessica didn’t know the connection between secondhand smoke exposure and asthma. In these commercials and extended videos, Jessica tells her story.

Jessica’s Asthma Tip Ad

Exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger a life-threatening asthma attack. This TV ad, from CDC’s Tips® campaign, features Jessica, a mother with a young son who suffers from asthma attacks due to secondhand smoke exposure. In her tip, she urges people not to be shy to tell people not to smoke around kids.

Un consejo de Jessica sobre el asma

La exposición al humo de segunda mano puede provocar un ataque de asma que puede ser mortal. Este comercial de televisión de la campaña de los CDC Consejos de exfumadores®, muestra a Jessica, la madre de un niño pequeño que tiene ataques de asma por la exposición al humo de segunda mano. Ella les pide a las personas que no les dé pena decirles a otras que no fumen cerca de sus hijos.

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