Brett's Videos

Brett’s dentist warned him during each visit that he had gum disease—and that he should quit smoking. Having 16 teeth removed finally prompted Brett to quit. In these commercials and videos, Brett tells his story.

Brett’s Tip Ad

Brett started smoking at age 16. By his mid-thirties, Brett had gum disease—a danger for all smokers. By age 42, he had lost most of his teeth, including 16 during one surgery. In this TV ad, Brett says that your smile says a lot about you, and smoking can take that smile away.

Brett’s Story

Brett started smoking when he was 16 to impress a girl. By his mid-thirties, he had gum disease and the tissues and bones holding his teeth in place were breaking down. In this video, Brett talks about his addiction. Even right after surgery to pull out 16 teeth, Brett was still smoking.

Brett: Tooth Loss Isn’t Pretty

Brett lost all of his front teeth—top and bottom—by the time he was 42. He had gum disease, which is a risk for people who smoke, as Brett did. In this video, Brett talks about trying to hide his tooth loss, even from his wife.

Felicita and Brett’s Ad

Felicita started smoking at age 12 and Brett at age 16. Neither of them knew that smoking could harm their gums and teeth. In this bilingual TV ad, Brett and Felicita advise people not to smoke if they want to keep their teeth and their smiles.

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