Bill's Videos

Bill learned the hard way that smoking makes diabetes harder to control—he went blind in his left eye, suffered kidney failure, and had his leg amputated. In these commercials and extended videos, Bill tells his story.

Bill's Tip Ad

Bill had diabetes and he used to smoke. Cigarette smoking made his diabetes much worse. In this TV spot, Bill explains the serious health problems he developed by age 40, including kidney failure, blindness in one eye, and a leg amputated due to poor circulation. Bill suggests that smokers make a list of everything they are willing to give up if they continue to smoke. Bill died from heart disease at age 42.

Bill: Life Is So Different

Bill started smoking as a teenager and ignored his doctor’s warning that smoking could make his diabetes much worse. In this video, Bill explains how different his life is now. He quit smoking before he turned 40, but not before losing a leg, kidney function, and the sight in one eye.

Bill: Smoking and Diabetes Don't Mix

Bill, a person with diabetes, started smoking at 15, not realizing the problems it would eventually cause him and his family. He didn’t stop smoking until he was almost 40—after having had a leg amputated. In this emotional video, Bill encourages others to quit smoking, too.

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