Amanda's Videos

Amanda knew smoking was bad during pregnancy, but she didn’t really believe it could hurt her or her baby. Amanda’s baby was born 2 months early. In these commercials and videos, Amanda tells her story.

Amanda’s Tip Ad

Amanda tried hard to quit smoking while she was pregnant, but she was unable to overcome her addiction to cigarettes. In this TV ad, Amanda talks about the weeks that her baby girl spent in a hospital incubator, after she was born 2 months early.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda grew up in a family of smokers and picked up her first cigarette in the 5th grade. In college, when she learned she was pregnant, she tried to quit but couldn’t beat the addiction. In this video, Amanda talks about being rushed to the hospital, where her baby was born 2 months early, at just 3 pounds.

Amanda: Smoking, Family, and Pain

Amanda tried her first cigarette when she was in elementary school. In her 11-year-old mind, smoking seemed OK. After all, some family members smoked, so she tried it herself—and soon became a regular smoker, too. In this emotional video, Amanda talks about the pain that smoking brought to her family.

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