Know Your Reasons for Quitting

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Becky started smoking cigarettes in high school to fit in. She was a heavy smoker for many years and at age 45, Becky was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)—a serious lung disease. Today, Becky needs continuous oxygen to help her breathe, but she’s grateful that she quit and can now help educate others about the dangers of smoking.


Rico started smoking cigarettes at age 14. He remembers lighting his father’s cigarettes as a young boy and watching him smoke constantly. Rico stopped smoking because he wanted to be healthy and watch his then-teenaged children grow up. He enjoys sharing his story with others and believes that it’s never too late to quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle.

Tiffany talks about losing her mother, a smoker, to lung cancer when she was 16. Despite this, Tiffany smoked for years before realizing what she might miss in her own daughter’s life. In this video, Tiffany’s daughter, Jaelin, says she cannot imagine living without her mother. Jaelin goes on to tell her mom how proud she is of her for quitting smoking for good.