National State-Based Tobacco Control Programs

The Office on Smoking and Health announces the availability of continuation funds for FY 2019 to support the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based environmental, policy, and systems interventions, strategies, and activities to reduce tobacco use, secondhand smoke exposure, tobacco-related disparities and associated disease, disability, and death. This announcement is only for non-research domestic activities supported by CDC. If research is proposed, the application will not be considered. Research for this purpose is defined in the document. Distinguishing Public Health Research and Public Health Nonresearchpdf icon [PDF–137 KB].


This award will be a continuation of funds intended only for recipients previously awarded under National State-Based Tobacco Control Programs, CDC-RFA-DP15-1509. State and District of Columbia health departments or their Bona Fide Agents are eligible to apply.

Important Dates

Application Deadline: Applications are due Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

Anticipated Notice of Funding: Successful applicants can anticipate notice of funding around February 25, 2019.

Anticipated Start Date: Successful applicants can anticipate a project start date of March 29, 2019.

Continuation Application Includes:

  • Annual Progress Report
    • Year-4 Progress Report (Core) covering 10/01/2017 – 9/30/2018 and (Second 6-months of Year 3, First 6-months of Year 4)
    • Benchmarks/Performance Measure: Grantees are to report on the benchmarks and performance measures encompassing the period 10/01/2017 – 9/30/2018 (Second 6-months of Year 3, First 6-months of Year 4).
    • Component Model of Infrastructure (CMI) 10/01/2017 – 9/30/2018 (Second 6-months of Year 3, First 6-months of Year 4).
  • Year-5 Work Plan (March 29, 2019– March 28, 2020)
  • Year 5 Budget Narrative (March 29, 2019 – March 28, 2020)

Competitive Annual Progress Report

Current competitive component recipients are to provide a brief summary of work conducted thus far, including, successes, challenges, and technical assistance needs. Complete the “Year -2 APR-Competitive” (10/1/17 to 9/30/18).

Templates should be uploaded into GrantSolutions as an attachment under the Miscellaneous Attachments Section. Please send a courtesy copy of the Excel version of the templates to your Project Officer.