In 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) vaccine for use in the United States, called TICOVAC. This vaccine has been used for over 20 years in Europe. U.S. travelers visiting parts of Europe and Asia where TBE is found who might participate in outdoor activities with risk of tick exposure should talk to their healthcare provider about vaccination.

Who Should Get Vaccinated?

The risk for TBE is very low for most travelers visiting countries where TBE is found. However, travelers are at increased risk if they plan to:

  • Visit areas with TBE when ticks are most active (April through November)
  • Take part in outdoor activities in or near forested areas such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or birdwatching.

All travelers visiting countries with TBE should take steps to avoid tick bites. If you plan to travel during the warmer months of the year and participate in outdoor activities, you should discuss the need for vaccination with your healthcare provider. When discussing whether or not to be vaccinated against TBE, consider the following:

  • What locations you will be visiting
  • What activities you will participate in while traveling
  • Likelihood of future travel to countries where TBE is found
  • Potential severe outcomes of TBE disease
  • Vaccine doses, cost, and possible side effects

The TBE vaccine is available for children aged 1 year and older and adults. Three doses are needed to complete the series so you should talk to your healthcare provider as early as possible before travel.

For more information, please visit our healthcare provider page.

Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

The public cannot order the TBE vaccine directly. If you would like to receive the TBE vaccine, you should contact your primary care physician or a travel medicine clinic in your area.

To find a travel clinic, visit our Traveler’s Health page and select “pre-travel vaccination offered”.