Engaging Young Men in the Preventing Premature Fatherhood Project

CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health engaged the JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) in a 5-year grant (2013–2018) to pilot the Engaging Young Men in Clinical Services to Prevent Premature Fatherhood (EYM) project. JSI partnered with Cicatelli Associates (CAI) and several local health center partners in Gaston County, North Carolina, to reduce premature fatherhood (i.e., either teen males who father a pregnancy or men beyond their teen years who father a pregnancy to a female teen).

By maximizing opportunities to provide reproductive health services to young males and by improving access and links to reproductive health services in health care provider settings, premature fatherhood can be reduced. Strategies focus on maximizing opportunities to provide improved reproductive health services to men already accessing clinical services (already in the door), and on increasing the number of men accessing these clinical services (getting them through the door).

The primary focus in 2017–2018 is piloting a training and tool kit for youth-serving professionals to inform young men about the importance of reproductive health and refer young men to reproductive health services.