World TB Day 2024

Each year, we recognize World TB Day on March 24. This annual event commemorates the date in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (TB). Learn more about the History of World TB Day. 

World TB Day is a day to educate the public about the impact of TB around the world.  CDC, along with our partners and colleagues around the world share successes in TB prevention and control and raise awareness of the challenges that hinder our progress toward the elimination of this devastating disease.

CDC and its domestic and international partners, including the National TB Controllers AssociationStop TB USAWe Are TB, the TB Elimination Alliance, and the global Stop TB Partnership, are working together to eliminate this deadly disease.

CDC also highlights World TB Day events around the country: tag CDC TB on social media to promote any 2024 World TB Day events! Be sure to check back for more information and resources, as we get closer to World TB Day.  You can also follow us on X @CDC_TB and Facebook @CDCTB and sign up for email updates here.

Learn more about CDC’s global efforts to prevent, find, and cure TB.

Think Test Treat TB

U.S. TB Elimination Champions

Each year, CDC recognizes U.S. TB Elimination Champions to showcase best practices from individuals who are making significant contributions to eliminating TB in the United States.

Digital Toolkit

Share this sample content on digital platforms to raise awareness about World TB Day and help spread the message to think, test, and treat TB.


Too many people in the U.S. suffer from tuberculosis. Learn more about #TB prevention and control: #WorldTBDay

It’s #WorldTBDay! #TB survivors share how tuberculosis affects people in the U.S.:


March 24 is #WorldTBDay, marking the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB). Dr. Koch’s discovery was the most important step taken toward the prevention and control of this deadly disease. Learn how new tests, shorter treatment regimens, and a focus on latent TB infection will help end TB in the U.S.

March 24 is #WorldTBDay. Too many people in the U.S. still suffer from tuberculosis (TB). Efforts to improve awareness, testing, and treatment of latent TB infection and TB disease among groups at high risk are critical to eliminate TB in the U.S. Learn more from TB survivors: