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CDC U.S. TB Elimination Champions

2023 CDC U.S. TB Elimination Champions

There are many individuals and organizations working in effective and engaging ways to end tuberculosis (TB) in the United States. The CDC U.S. TB Elimination Champions Project provides an opportunity to recognize accomplishments and learn best practices from individuals who are making significant contributions to eliminating TB in the United States.

TB adversely affects groups that have historically experienced greater obstacles to health, and efforts to eliminate TB must reach those who are at higher risk. In recognition of the way organizations and individuals have adapted to the changing landscape and the important role they have played in addressing health equity we are seeking nominations that:

  • reflect the important contributions that TB agencies, organizations, and partners have made to TB elimination, and/or
  • showcase the innovation and adaption implemented to screen people for the Operation Allies Welcome or Uniting for Ukraine programs.

We are sharing these inspiring success stories through CDC’s website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and hope that they help and inspire others. Check out past and present TB Champions below!

Tell your story or your organization’s story by answering any of the following prompts:

  1. Describe how the nominee(s) has worked to eliminate TB in their community.
  2. What impact have these efforts made in the community?

Between now and February 24, 2023:


  • Submit via social media using the hashtag #TBEliminationChampion
    • Post your answers to any of the prompts above along with a photo or video on Facebook or Twitter. Remember to tag CDC TB by using @CDC_TB on Twitter and @cdctb on Facebook.
    • We will then reach out via direct message to share the Photo Release Form and next steps

If you have any questions, please contact

  • Photo Requirements
    • Photo Release Form [PDF – 9 KB]: please complete and include with submission via email.
    • For group nominations, consider a photo collage or a screenshot of a group on a video conferencing platform
    • Types of Image Files: JPEG (or JPG) – Joint Photographic Experts Group or PNG – Portable Network Graphics
  • Video Suggestions [PDF – 65 KB]
    • Record a 15 to 20-second video answering the above prompts. Make sure to tell us who you are, where you are, and what you do. You can email the video to with your submission or post on social media using the hashtag #TBEliminationChampion.

U.S. TB Champions

Read more about the 2016 CDC U.S. TB Elimination Champions who are working in one of the five areas that support CDC’s Division of Tuberculosis Elimination Strategic Plan, 2016-2020.