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This course is designed to educate health care workers about basic tuberculosis (TB) concepts.



Target audiences for the TB 101 for Health Care Workers include:

         Newly hired TB program staff

        - Nurses

        - Outreach workers

        - Health educators

         Health care workers in areas related to TB, including individuals who work in HIV/AIDS clinics or correctional facilities


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:


   Lesson 1:

         Describe what causes TB

         Describe the global situation of TB

         List three factors that have contributed to the global resurgence of TB

         List continuing challenges to TB control in the United States


   Lesson 2:

         Explain how TB is spread

         Explain how latent TB infection and TB disease develop

         Explain the difference between latent TB infection and TB disease


   Lesson 3:

         Briefly explain the concept of targeted testing

         List groups at high risk for infection with M. tuberculosis

         List groups at high risk for progression to TB disease after infection with M. tuberculosis

         List the methods that can be used to test for TB infection


   Lesson 4:

         List the five components of a medical evaluation for TB disease

         List the five components of a TB bacteriological examination


    Lesson 5:

         Explain why latent TB infection is treated

         Describe three treatment regimens for latent TB infection

         List potential adverse reactions to the drugs used to treat latent TB infection


    Lesson 6:

         Briefly describe the preferred treatment regimen for TB disease

         List adverse reactions to drugs used to treat TB disease

         Describe TB treatment adherence strategies



The actual time it takes to complete this course may differ from person to person. It should take approximately one hour to complete the entire six-lesson course.


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