TB Genotyping Information Management System (TB GIMS)Implementation Schedule

State TB Laboratories

State TB laboratories that submit isolates for genotyping are encouraged to send CDC their data sharing agreements signed by their state’s TB controller as soon as possible.

The registration process to access TB GIMS will start once the designated State TB GIMS Administrator submits the list of TB Program Super Users and TB Laboratory Super Users.

State TB laboratories may register and start using TB GIMS to submit isolates, but no patient results will be available for their TB programs until that state’s data sharing agreement is received by CDC.

To allow for a phased implementation of TB GIMS, states may choose to switch from the current system of submitting isolate records to TB GIMS at any point during the first 2 months of TB GIMS operation (March and April). By May 1, 2010, state TB laboratories should use TB GIMS exclusively to submit isolates to the genotyping laboratories.

Transition to TB GIMS Timeline

February 15
CDC e-mailed state TB laboratories the following information.

  • Cumulative state data on all isolates genotyped to date (i.e., historic isolates that will be preloaded in TB GIMS)
  • New MS Excel template for laboratories that do not immediately adopt TB GIMS for isolate submission
  • Training schedule for TB Laboratory Super Users

March 5

  • All historic and current isolate data were loaded in TB GIMS
  • Initial training materials were distributed to
    • TB Laboratory Super Users
    • Genotyping Laboratory Users
  • CDC conducted a training webinar for genotyping laboratories.

March 8

  • TB GIMS became available to all TB Laboratory Super Users who completed registration in the Secured Access Management Service (SAMS) and received approval through mail.
  • Genotyping Laboratories became fully operational in TB GIMS. All isolate submissions are handled through TB GIMS and results reported as described in the transition plan.

Transition Plan
By May 1, state TB laboratories have the option of either

  • Using TB GIMS to submit isolate records directly to the Genotyping Laboratory, or
  • E-mailing the isolate records (using the new MS Excel template) to Lauren Cowen at LCowan@cdc.gov. Records will be uploaded into TB GIMS on behalf of the state TB laboratory.

Genotyping Laboratories will

  • Upload new results into TB GIMS, and
  • Generate reports in MS Excel format and distribute these as in the past. This practice will continue until the state informs the genotyping laboratory that these reports are no longer necessary.