TB Contact Investigation Interviewing Skills Course

Day 2: Role Play Intro

  • Contact Investigation Role Plays (3 slides)

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1 (Title Slide).  Contact Investigation Role Plays
2 Role Plays (1)
  • The purpose of the role play is to
    • Gain practice interviewing a case
    • Receive performance feedback from facilitators and other participants
3 Role Plays (2)
  • There are 3 roles that are played within each role play; TB case, interviewer, and observer
  • During the exercise, each participant will have the opportunity to play each of the roles
    • TB Case who is being interviewed
    • Health Care Worker who interviews the case
    • Observer who observes the role play and provides verbal and written feedback to the health care worker

[Image: Yellow smiley face that is sick. This image represents the case.]

[Image: Yellow smiley face wearing a nurses’ cap. This image represents the healthcare worker.]

[Image: Yellow smiley face that is giving a thumbs up. This image represents the observer.]