Green Gov Presidential Awards

2017 Awards

Ripple Effect: Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Initiative

In 2016, the White House honored four individuals and eight teams that exemplify President Obama’s charge to lead by example toward a clean energy economy. The White House awarded HHS and CDC with the “Ripple Effect” Award for the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Initiative and a commitment to EV adoption and charging infrastructure across the agency. CDC developed innovative plans to make commuting by EV easier, including dedicated parking spaces and the innovative use of the conference room scheduling system to reserve charging stations. CDC is also purchasing electric vehicles for their fleet as part of this movement toward sustainable transportation options.

2013 Awards

group accepting green gov award

Green Innovation: 2012 CDC Freezer Challenge

The CDC Freezer Initiative Workgroup held a two-month Freezer Challenge competition in which professionals across the agency deployed innovative strategies to improve storage practices and reduce energy use in energy intensive laboratory freezers. The results of the Challenge will save more than $127,000 per year in operating costs and will reduce energy use by more than 320,000 kWh annually, the equivalent of the yearly energy consumption of 36 family homes.

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