International Laboratory Freezer Challenge

CDC’s six participating laboratories won as the top competitor in the government sector of the North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge (NALFC) and had a combined laboratory energy savings of 367,400 kWh/year.

Deanna Jones, PhD, team lead of the Elemental Analysis Lab in the Division of Laboratory Sciences, National Center of Environmental Health, also won an Individual Lab Award. Labs with the highest scores from each sector (academia, pharmaceutical, government, and other) will have their picture published in NatureCdc-pdfExternal. More than 1,300 individual laboratories participated across all four sectors.

Congratulations to CDC labs who participated in the first 2017 North American Laboratory Freezer ChallengeExternal. Now known as the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge, the challenge is a competition designed to promote best practices in cold storage management. The Freezer Challenge covers all forms of cold storage, including refrigerators, freezers, and cold rooms. The Freezer Challenge was developed by the International Institute for Sustainable Labs (I2SL) and My Green Lab (MGL).

Page last reviewed: May 3, 2018