Surveillance Strategy Report — Surveillance Innovation

health care worker entering surveillance data

Enhancing Surveillance Through Innovation

Finding new tools and ideas to enhance the collection and use of health data is a key part of improving surveillance. CDC is embracing innovation in a host of ways.

The section of the report on these pages, Innovation, highlights progress made through innovation and partnerships.

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The CDC Health Information Innovation Consortium (CHIIC) was launched to foster and promote creative solutions to surveillance challenges unique to public health.


Working with the latest innovations is important to being part of the health data landscape at large. CDC informatics projects have focused on new tools, including electronic health records; modern data visualization techniques; and the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR (pronounced “fire”), a suite of open source, web-based technology that centers on enhancing data interoperability.


Two additional strategic priorities have expanded the strategy’s innovation efforts: the Surveillance Data Platform, which is working toward shared tools and services to reduce the burden of data reporting on CDC and our partners; and the Digital Bridge, a collaborative effort among partners in health care, public health, and health information technology that focuses on electronic case reporting of health data.


Innovation at CDC also focuses on partnerships within government, private, and academic sectors to advance progress in public health. These include tapping into the HHS Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program; collaborating with universities, such as Georgia Tech; and engaging established and rising data experts to learn from each other in novel ways through events like code-a-thons.