Strategies for Improvement — Public Health Surveillance and Data

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Strategies for Improvement

CDC is working strategically to improve surveillance and data. Information on this site highlights the strategies, projects, innovation and resources driving these initiatives.  Learn how CDC and our partners are managing these efforts.

Public health surveillance—and the essential health data that comes from surveillance—are fundamental tools in public health. We use data to know where the health burdens are, to signal anomalies and health risks, and to inform actions and interventions that can keep people safer and healthier. Our understanding of the public’s health is only as good as the data we have, and CDC works around the clock to get the right information into the right hands at the right time.

To ensure we provide the best possible information to people who need it, and to meet increasing demands for fast, accurate data, and make intelligent decisions, based on data—we must constantly improve how we track and report illness and other health conditions. This takes strategic planning and a coordinated effort to bring together tools, technology, people, and partners.