Data Modernization Initiative

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Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Health.

CDC is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of data for disease detection and elimination. The Data Modernization Initiative marks the first comprehensive strategy to modernize data, technology, and workforce capabilities—together and at once. This initiative supports public health surveillance, research and, ultimately, decision making.

It addresses key questions, including:

  • How do we improve timeliness and quality of data?
  • How can we better coordinate data activities and systems?
  • How can we reduce burden on data partners?
  • How can we integrate emerging technologies more effectively?

In the long term, this initiative will help CDC and our partners chart a course to a future where data drives action in real time—efficiently, flexibly, rapidly, and with impact—in a post-COVID world.

A Roadmap for Data Modernization

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored public health’s need to modernize – and delivered a powerful drive to make it happen. To do this work strategically and effectively, we have developed a roadmap for data modernization that will keep our purpose front and center.

The CDC Data Modernization Initiative: A Roadmap of Activities and Expected Outcomes pdf icon[PDF – 315 KB] clearly lays out a path from where are now to where we need to be. This framework:

  • Presents a vision of what our modernization strategy was created to do
  • Guides decisions for allocating resources
  • Provides a structure to track our progress and success along the way

We will continue using this framework to align our activities and resources toward specific and measurable outcomes.

Highlighted Projects and Activities
modernization investments pdf preview image

Understand the investments that are driving and accelerating our work to modernize now and what it will take to sustain these efforts and achieve real change for the future.

View the accessible version

pandemic ready interoperability pdf preview image

The Pandemic-Ready Interoperability Modernization Effort (PRIME), a new multi-year collaboration between CDC and USDSexternal icon.

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The Public Health Data Modernization Initiative  factsheet

See why we need a totally integrated, high-speed health data system to keep us safe from the diseases and outbreaks of today and the new and complex health threats of tomorrow.

The New World of Public Health Data

Learn about the realities of the current public health data landscape and the future opportunities we have for transformation as we develop and deploy world-class data and analytics.

harnessing the power of data pdf image

Learn about the risks we face, the actions we are taking, and how we are currently putting data to work to protect America’s health.

public health surveillance image

Understand more about the work that has already taken place to modernize, and how it creates a powerful foundation for where we’re heading next.