It’s time to build pandemic‑ready IT systems

PRIME aims to improve data quality and information technology systems for COVID-19 and beyond

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for timely, accurate, and automated data that can be used for public health action and emergency response. The Pandemic-Ready Interoperability Modernization Effort (PRIME) is a new multi-year collaboration between CDC and the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) to strengthen data quality and information technology systems in state and local health departments.

  • Saves time by automating manual processes
  • Streamlines reporting between healthcare and public health
  • Enhances the use of data for critical policy and emergency decisions
  • Increases readiness for additional waves of COVID-19 and all future public health threats
PRIME includes three interrelated projects:
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Data Automation

Reduces the burden on hospitals, hospital labs, and acute care facilities to ensure timely and accurate reporting of COVID-19 data to public health, state, and federal partners

  • Creates new connections and streamlines existing data flows from hospitals and outside laboratories through electronic lab reporting that uses modern data standards
  • Supports hospitals and clinics in reporting daily aggregate data and exchanging electronic case reports and clinical data with public health departments
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Improves reporting from settings where COVID-19 rapid testing is carried out, specifically focusing on sites who have not reported to public health in the past

  • A free, easy to use web app that remembers required patient information, guides the testing workflow, records results of a point-of-care test, and routes data to public health
  • Allows any testing provider, such as a school, jail, assisted living facility, or employer to send high quality, structured data to public health

Visit the SimpleReport websiteexternal icon.

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Provides a modern, cloud-based data routing and cleaning for health departments to receive, process, and share data across jurisdictions

  • Receives data from senders, including apps like SimpleReport, devices, labs, and hospitals in an open‑source approach to facilitate fast, high‑quality data reporting
  • Allows public health departments to receive multiple types of structured data from many different facilities in a format that is easily usable from a streamlined single connection

Visit the ReportStream website.