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How sharing data digitally benefits health. Bridging public health and health care

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Eighty-five percent of all health data is now electronic. With the proliferation of disease outbreaks and the need for fast access to patient health data, bridgingExternal the electronic exchange of information between public health and health care is essential for timely, accurate, and accessible disease surveillance.  The Digital BridgeExternal—an exciting partnership in which CDC is collaboratingExternal—is making this connectivity possible.

Digital Bridge’s first project—Electronic case reporting (eCR)Cdc-pdfExternal— is the automated sharing of critical health information between electronic health records and public health agencies for review and action. This new approach will automatically flag potential disease cases, create the report and digitally send them to public health, lessening manual work processes and improving routine outbreak management. The project is being tested at seven sitesExternal in California, HoustonExternal, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York City, and Utah. Each site includes a public health agency, a health care provider and a data provider/EHR vendor. The first five reportable conditions being shared are chlamydia, gonorrhea, pertussis, Salmonella, and the Zika virus.

Learn more about this partnershipExternal and the work already underwayExternal including an announcementExternal on its first live electronic case reporting site.

Hillard Weinstock, MD, MPH

Notifiable disease surveillance from health departments helps the CDC understand disease burden and trends.

Keywords: emerging technology, quality data

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