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Below you’ll find news, hot topics, and more information that matters in the world of public health data and surveillance inside and outside CDC.

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Strengthening and Modernizing the Public Health System, September 16 2022, Alliance for Health Policy, 30 years
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Strengthening and Modernizing the Public Health System
Alliance for Health Policy

Public health leaders around the country are talking about data modernization’s importance to the future of public health. Check out this recent presentation and panel discussion from the Alliance for Health Policy as well as over 30 external publications we’ve curated on our Publications and Resources page.

In the News: Inside CDC
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September 23 calendar

‘Disaster to disaster’: Walensky decries underinvestment in public health, Stat News. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky outlines major public health challenges that prevent more effective responses to outbreaks.


September 20 calendar

Lack of Data Still Blunts U.S. Response to Outbreaks, New York Times. Read this detailed perspective on the importance of data modernization to solve our country’s pressing public health problems.


September 15 calendar

Three takeaways from the monkeypox hearing, Washington Post. Learn about congressional focus on the monkeypox response, CDC data issues, and other public health news.

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