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Below you’ll find news, hot topics, and more information that matters in the world of public health data and surveillance inside and outside CDC.

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The Public Health Data Strategy (PHDS) outlines the data, technology, policy, and administrative actions essential to exchange critical core data efficiently and securely across healthcare and public health.

The strategy is designed to describe a path to address gaps in public health data, helping the nation become response-ready, promote health equity, and improve health outcomes for all.

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June 12th calendar panel

A Healthy Dose of Simplification at CDC, Govloop. Learn how DMI is simplifying data collection and analysis for CDC and its state and local partners.


June 12th calendar panel

Can Michigan Developers Improve Health-Care Data Interoperability?, Government Technology. Read about Michigan’s efforts to enhance data interoperability and improve healthcare services.


June 8th calendar panel

European healthcare digitalisation at inflection point, Healthcare IT News. Health agencies across the European Union are investing in IT modernization efforts.

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