Surveillance Strategy Report — Pulse Check

System Improvements in Public Health Surveillance

Download: Pulse Check: Our Progress Cdc-pdf[PDF – 247 KB]

Title: Pulse Check: Our Progress

System Improvements in Public Health Surveillance*

2014 2018 Impact
Mortality records collected electronically from states within 10 days 29% 63% Faster notification of
cause of death
U.S. population represented by states and jurisdictions implementing modernized electronic messages to send notifiable disease case reports to CDC N/A 80% Easier for states to report to CDC
Emergency department visits reported electronically to health departments 45% 60% Faster understanding
of emerging health
Laboratory reports received electronically at state health departments** 54% 80% More timely lab reporting to expedite tracking disease

* Percentage change furthered by CDC Surveillance Strategy (as of May 2018); provisional data represented
** Approximately 20 million laboratory reports are received annually at health departments