Communication Resources

The resources below will help you learn about DMI and provide tools you can use to communicate about this important work. For a quick tutorial about DMI, visit our DMI Basics page. You can also get updates on modernization work inside and outside CDC on our In the News page.

illustration of Why DMI Sustainable Funding Matters page

Understand the investments that are driving and accelerating our work to modernize now and what it will take to sustain these efforts and achieve real change for the future.

Modernizing for New and Complex Threats

Learn about implementing a cross-cutting strategy for modernization that will move us from tracking threats to predicting them.

pandemic ready interoperability pdf preview image

The Pandemic-Ready Interoperability Modernization Effort (PRIME), a new multi-year collaboration between CDC and USDS.

View the accessible version

The New World of Public Health Data

Learn about the realities of the current public health data landscape and the future opportunities we have for transformation as we develop and deploy world-class data and analytics.

monitoring and evaluation DMI pdf preview image

Read our issue brief to discover how and why we are monitoring and evaluating DMI.

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harnessing the power of data pdf image

Learn about the risks we face, the actions we are taking, and how we are currently putting data to work to protect America’s health.

modernization investments pdf preview image

View our DMI roadmap of activities and expected outcomes [PDF], which clearly lays out a path from where are now to where we need to be.

public health surveillance image

Understand more about the work that has already taken place to modernize, and how it creates a powerful foundation for where we’re heading next.