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Other Streptococci and Catalase Negative, Gram Positive Cocci FAQs and Testing Form Request

For outbreaks or other concerns regarding streptococci (other than pneumococci) or other catalase negative, gram positive cocci.  Clinicians and microbiologists should first contact their state or local health departments for further assistance. CDC’s Respiratory Diseases Branch is available to offer epidemiologic assistance to state and local health departments.

Please review the Lab Request FAQs before contacting us.


Streptococcal isolates (other than pneumococci) and other catalase negative, gram positive cocci Lab Request FAQs

Q: What is CDC’s role in surveillance of non-pneumococcal streptococci?

A: We perform typing and characterization of invasive Group A and Group B isolates from a limited number of sites within the Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs) area. This area includes about 10% of the population (about 30 million individuals).

Q: I am a clinician practicing outside the ABCs area. Can I request to have typing or other characterization testing performed on groups A and B streptococcal isolates that are not part of your routine surveillance area?

A: You should first contact your state health department. Several state public health laboratories can perform serotyping and confirmatory susceptibility testing.

Q: I am a clinician practicing inside an ABCs area. How do I request typing of the isolate(s) of concern?

A: As long as the isolate is available, it will be forwarded to one or more ABCs reference laboratories for susceptibility testing and serotyping. Please contact your state health department for more information about the timing of this testing.

Q: I work at a state or local health department, hospital, clinic, nursing home, or other large facility and have a cluster of streptococcal (or other gram positive, catalase negative) isolates I would like to have typed. Can I request to have typing or other characterization testing performed on isolates that are not part of the ABCs area?

A: If you work for a state health department and have already determined that your state public health laboratory is unable to perform the necessary testing, please complete the form below to request testing assistance from CDC. If you do not work for a state health department, you should contact your state health department, which will investigate the cases and, if necessary, request help from CDC.

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If your isolate is considered eligible for CDC typing or other characterization based on the FAQs above, please complete the form below in as much detail as possible. You'll hear back from CDC within 5 business days.

Testing Request

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