About Stop Overdose

Key points

  • Through preliminary research and strategic workshops, CDC identified four areas of focus to address the evolving drug overdose crisis.
  • Stop Overdose resources speak to the reality of drug use, provide practical ways to prevent overdoses, educate about the risks of illegal drug use, and show ways to get help.
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Drugs take nearly 300 lives every day.1 To address the increasing number of overdose deaths related to both prescription opioids and illegal drugs, we created a website to educate people who use drugs about the dangers of illegally manufactured fentanyl, the risks and consequences of mixing drugs, the lifesaving power of naloxone, and the importance of reducing stigma around recovery and treatment options. Together, we can stop drug overdoses and save lives.

What you can do


Explore and download Stop Overdose and other educational materials on CDC's Overdose Resource Exchange.

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