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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)


Official Website:
Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services

2013 Funding (Year 4)

  • Amount of funding: $250,000
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Increase its readiness for public health accreditation by conducting a community health assessment and developing a community health improvement plan
    • Promote continuous quality improvement by providing agency-wide training on performance management and quality improvement processes
    • Increase staff development through continuous human resources for health and workforce development activities
    • Implement quality improvement projects in vaccine storage and handling and public health emergency preparedness

2012 Funding (Year 3)

  • Amount of funding: $250,000
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Complete a Human Resources for Health assessment to identify public health workforce training needs
    • Support the building of a user-friendly infrastructure for health information technology (IT) and other IT needs
    • Identify and implement performance and quality improvement initiatives
    • Collaborate with system partners to develop a work plan for conducting a community health assessment

2011 Funding (Year 2)

  • Amount of funding: $250,000
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Develop health information technology and communications infrastructure
    • Establish a department-level Performance Improvement Management Office
    • Create, develop, execute, and analyze an overarching public health performance improvement management assessment/survey tool

2010 Funding (Year 1)

Component I

  • Amount of funding: $100,000
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will:
    • Focus on building, institutionalizing, and implementing performance management capacity within health departments
    • Support full-time "Performance Improvement Manager" who will participate in a national network of performance improvement professionals supported by CDC

Component II

Component II funding was applied through Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA).

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