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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Jurisdiction: Statewide
Official Website:
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

2013 Funding (Year 4)

  • Amount of funding: $937,858
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Complete a state health improvement plan (SHIP), currently under development, and revise the agency strategic plan, based on priorities identified in the SHIP
    • Expand use and improve functionality of the state’s web-based infectious disease surveillance and response system
    • Consolidate and strengthen operations of local public health districts created through NPHII to improve population health services through formal cross-jurisdictional agreements involving over 50 cities and towns
    • Launch improved, web-based Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile system to provide health informatics, demographics, and other research tools linking over three dozen state databases
    • Implement quality improvement initiatives to strengthen state health department operations, including development of an agency-wide performance management system

2012 Funding (Year 3)

  • Amount of funding: $993,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Continue to develop five new public health districts that together comprise 48 cities and towns with almost one million people located in different geographic regions of the state to share staff and services, including food protection, infectious disease control, and community sanitation
    • Expand municipal adoption of the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN), an online infectious disease control system, to 95% of cities and towns
    • Complete the prerequisites for Public Health Accreditation Board accreditation application
    • Expand use of quality improvement and performance management through a train‐the‐trainer model
    • Conduct quality improvement projects to modernize Food Protection Program inspections using electronic technology, streamline licensure of healthcare facility construction projects, and develop a billing system with revenue retention for state laboratory testing of sexually transmitted infections

2011 Funding (Year 2)

  • Amount of funding: $993,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Assess accreditation readiness
    • Update the community health assessment and formulate a state health improvement plan to inform development of an agency strategic plan
    • Accelerate ongoing enhancement of the web-based Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN) disease surveillance and case management system
    • Integrate new food protection and blood lead level testing modules into MAVEN
    • Increase the number of regional public health districts receiving planning grants and provide rapid-cycle implementation grants for up to two districts to transform the Massachusetts local public health infrastructure

2010 Funding (Year 1)

Component I

  • Amount of funding: $300,000
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will:
    • Focus on building, institutionalizing, and implementing performance management capacity within health departments
    • Support full-time "Performance Improvement Manager" who will participate in a national network of performance improvement professionals supported by CDC

Component II

  • Amount of funding: $1,660,128
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will enhance public health improvement efforts beyond Component I through two or more categories including: performance management, policy and workforce development, public health system development/redevelopment and best practice implementation.

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