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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)

Georgia Department of Community Health

Jurisdiction: Statewide
Official Website:
Georgia Department of Community Health

2013 Funding (Year 4)

  • Amount of funding: $500,000
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Work toward accreditation readiness at both the state and district levels, leveraging previously developed departmental strategies
    • Increase the integration of quality improvement (QI) and performance management (PM) activities improving the agency’s ability to demonstrate measurable system improvement
    • Conduct QI and PM training for members of the management team
    • Provide QI and PM technical assistance to program areas
    • Continue work on an informatics strategy for the agency and on projects to demonstrate the efficacy of applying an informatics approach to the department’s data capture, analysis, and reporting

2012 Funding (Year 3)

  • Amount of funding: $498,489
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Refine and implement a strategic plan
    • Continue to develop strategies and processes to improve informatics capacity
    • Deliver quality improvement/performance improvement (QI/PI) training to improve workforce capacity around QI/PI
    • Carry out targeted process improvement initiatives to improve performance of core business processes
    • Develop cross-jurisdictional relationships with and support to local health districts by providing technical assistance and financial support

2011 Funding (Year 2)

  • Amount of funding: $499,738
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Update and implement their strategic plan
    • Provide contracts administration education, training, and information technology support
    • Provide training to public health staff at both district and state levels to implement quality improvement for public health processes, programs, and interventions
    • Partner with local public health jurisdictions to share lessons learned and best practices to increase the number of staff skilled in the development and use of evidence-based policies and laws

2010 Funding (Year 1)

Component I

  • Amount of funding: $399,836
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will:
    • Focus on building, institutionalizing, and implementing performance management capacity within health departments
    • Support full-time "Performance Improvement Manager" who will participate in a national network of performance improvement professionals supported by CDC

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