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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)

2011 National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)
Grantee Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia
March 30 – April 1, 2011

Technical Assistance Session with Senior Public Health Advisors (SPHAs) and Performance Officers (POs)

1. Major Topic of Discussion: Mid-Year Report

  • Due April 22, 2011.
  • MUST be submitted electronically as a Word Document to You should also cc: your Performance Officer and Senior Public Health Advisor.
  • Cover activities from September 30, 2010 through March 31, 2011.
  • Include any successes and milestones achieved.
  • We would like feedback on the form. Please let us know what worked for you and what didn't by emailing comments to your Performance Officer or the mailbox.
2. Questions about the Mid-Year Report from the audience and the speaker's response:

Q: Due to funding changes, do we respond based on activities completed with the addition of supplemental funding?
A: No, the report is to be completed based on actual investments and activities completed through March 31, 2011 with current funding.

Q: Is it okay to submit attachments with the report to enhance narrative responses?
A: Yes, but it is not necessary; you can always share any document you'd like directly with the Performance Officer and SPHA. Remember the report itself MUST be in WORD formatting.

Q: For Question 18 on the Mid-Year Report Form, are we required to respond to every item?
A: No, the instructions state that you should answer ONLY for the areas that you have received funding.

Q: If we have an acting PIM who is working part-time, should we say that we have a PIM?
A: No, if you have not hired or have identified a full-time PIM, you should select no. Having a position filled is different from covering a vacant position on a temporary basis. If your PIM is full-time, but in an "acting" role, the question should be answered YES.

Q: My agency has an Office of Quality Assurance that will later become the Office of Quality Assurance and Improvement. The PIM will be collaborating with that office. Would the response to Question 3 on the Mid-Year Report Form be yes?
A: No, if the office is not currently involved or dedicated to performance improvement at this time, this question would NOT apply.

Q: For Question 9 on the Mid-Year Report Form, do you have to have a performance improvement plan in order to make progress toward implementing performance management activities?
A: No. We anticipate that everyone would respond YES to this question. You can indicate what progress has been made in the TEXT field. If you have not made progress, you should articulate your plan in order to move toward improving progress in the TEXT field.

Q: Where do Tribal Governments and Tribal Advisory Committees go for Question 14 of the Mid-Year Report Form?
A: These categories are not listed, so please list those partners in the 'Other' category. We will consider the need to add to the list on future iterations of the report.

Q: Will Awardees be expected to reflect Return on Investment (ROI) results?
A: For the Mid-Year Report, Awardees are not necessarily expected to report ROI results. If you have ROI results, certainly report them. Focus on identifying and reporting ROI and similar measures is likely to increase as time goes on.

Q: Should Awardees submit Component I and Component II information in ONE report
A: Yes.

3. Major Topic of Discussion: Supplement
  • Due May 2, 2011 to no later than 5:00 PM EST.
  • The Supplement is not competitive; we intend to fund all eligible, responsive applications.
  • Submission must include:
    • Budget
    • 424a
    • Budget Narrative/Justification
    • Response to the three (3) requirements
    • Work Plan (this is a new requirement)
    • All other required documents
  • Budget, budget narrative and project narratives MUST account for all of the supplemental funds to be used by September 30, 2011. This is a requirement.
4. Questions about the Supplement from the audience and the speaker's response:

Q: What is the likelihood of future of funding this Initiative?
A: We do not expect to have a continuation announcement this year. It is too early to tell what funding might look like for FY 12.

Q2: When the application for the supplemental is written, should the activities timeline reflect only 4 months?
A: Yes, your activities and budget should be through September 29, 2011.

Q: Is the Supplemental funding 2-year funding?
A: No. Supplemental funding is intended to be used in the year it is awarded.

Q: Are the Awardees supposed to create an unreasonable budget for the Supplement?
A: The budget required for the Supplemental Application must reflect the completion of work and obligation of funds by September 29, 2011.

Q: Our State Budget Office is recommending that we do not apply for the entire amount of Supplemental funds since we will be unable to spend it in 4 months. Should we apply for the entire amount?
A: Awardees are encouraged to apply for the entire amount. There are grants processes that can be used to manage funds that are unobligated at the end of the period.

Q: What if the 4-month budget is not approved by State Leadership given the "unrealistic" request?
A: If Awardee leadership needs additional information about the supplemental, please contact your SPHA to develop a case by case strategy for addressing their needs.

5. Major Topic of Discussion: No Cost Extension (NCE)
  • CDC will process a 12 month, no cost extension request for all NPHII Awardees as necessary.
  • The extension will apply to unobligated funds from the original award and unspent funds from the supplemental.
  • Once the no cost extension has been approved, Awardees will need to submit revised budget forms (424A), revised budget narratives and revised workplans showing the completion of component 1, 2 and supplemental requirements as applicable by September 2012.
  • Awardees are encouraged to begin planning for the 12 month no cost extension. However, DO NOT submit a work plan for the extended period with your supplemental application.
6. Questions about the No Cost Extension (NCE) from the audience and the speaker's response:

Q: Who should the Awardees submit the full-year plan (including Supplemental funds)?
A: You will ONLY submit your 4-month plan with the Supplemental Application for activities until September 29, 2011. A new budget plan will be requested in September, given the expected NCE and further guidance will be provided concerning that process as the time gets closer

Q: How confident is CDC that a NCE will be granted?
A: CDC is very confident that a NCE will be granted.

Q: What if a NCE is not granted?
A: It is unlikely that would occur. But if it did, we would look for other solutions such as allowing liberal use of carry forward.

Q: What is the latest date for redirection of current award funding?
A: September 1, 2011. The Office of Financial Resources (OFR) needs at least 30 days to process it. If a no cost extension is approved, the need for redirections should be minimized as a new budget will need to be submitted as part of processing the no cost extension.

Q: Can funds for Component II be shifted to Component I during the NCE?
A: The budget for a NCE should cover ALL activities that the Awardee plans to do. As long as all of the deliverables from Component I and II as well as the Supplement are met. It is up to the Awardee to decide how best to spend the money. For example, in some instances, Component II activities may need to be reduced because of funding received. That is reasonable and acceptable.

Q: Should the request for a NCE be included in the supplemental application?
A: No, the NCE request and the supplemental application are independent.

Q: Can the scope of activities be expanded and new activities be added under the NCE?
A: No however, you may refine currently defined activities that add new elements but relate directly to the scope of work as already defined in the approved award applications – both the original AND supplemental applications.

Q: Do the Awardees write separate budget and narratives for Components I and II in the NCE?
A: No however, the budget and narrative should cover all of the work Awardees are required to do.

Q: Is there anticipation of an option to do a second NCE beyond the initial 12-month NCE?
A: Your plans should reflect the intention to spend the money and conduct the documented activities over the initial 12-month NCE.

7. Additional questions from the audience and the speaker's response:

Q: What should the Awardees focus on after September 2011, especially Component II Awardees?
A: Awardees should focus on reviewing their goals & objectives and prioritize activities according to the level of funding that is available until September 2012.

Q: Is CDC planning to have training via Webinars, Calls, etc. to educate/train Awardees further on the application process for Supplementals, Redirections, Reports, etc. any time this year?
A: Currently training is not planned however, internally there have been discussions about potential multi-state calls or other such meeting formats. The Awardees will be informed if this is viable and planned for the future. In the meantime, Awardees should direct questions to their Performance Officers or Senior Public Health Advisors. Please contact your Performance Officer or Senior Public Health Advisor if you have any additional questions.

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