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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)

Cherokee Nation

Official Website:
Cherokee Nation

2013 Funding (Year 4)

  • Amount of funding: $787,858
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Complete the final steps towards public health accreditation becoming the first tribal nation to successfully complete the process and achieve accreditation
    • Publish and disseminate a tribal health assessment, tribal health improvement plan, and tribal public health strategic plan
    • Begin work on the development of a "Tribal Roadmap to Achieving Accreditation" toolkit for assisting other tribes in preparing and achieving accreditation
    • Promote tribal public health, performance and quality improvement and accreditation by tribes on state, local, and national levels
    • Provide technical assistance to other tribes and organizations on public health performance, improvement, and accreditation in tribal nations
    • Begin developing a “Tribal Public Health Workforce Development Plan” for Cherokee Nation (CN)
    • Maintain, improve, and expand on CN’s Tribal Public Health website (both internal and external sites) to make this website the primary channel for delivering the most current and accurate public health and health information specific for CN
    • Train managers and staff on performance management and leverage CN’s increased knowledge to build quality improvement efforts into work plans
    • Identify and/or develop a management system appropriate for CN’s unique needs
    • Collaborate on and support efforts of CN’s Community Transformation Grant to identify and/or use promising best practices for tobacco free environments, healthy eating, and active living in a tribal setting

2012 Funding (Year 3)

  • Amount of funding: $843,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Complete the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation prerequisites
    • Release an annual synopsis/review of the three accreditation prerequisites in its "State of the Nation Health Report"
    • Develop and share a “how-to” booklet that depicts the journey through the PHAB accreditation process, including examples and guidance for other tribes about the process and information about how the awardee’s journey facilitated the improvement and expansion of its tribal public health (PH) infrastructure and the quality of its PH efforts
    • Continue to train in and encourage use of digital storytelling to document, evaluate, and share insight into tribal PH efforts to inform, educate, promote and support PH and prevention efforts
    • Implement evidence-based policies and/or practices
    • Improve its data system, including identification, collection, storage, and retrieval of data, which was identified as a need in the awardee’s tribal health assessment
    • Mentor other tribes and state and local health departments to promote tribal involvement in PHAB accreditation activities and to ensure that more tribal communities and people are being reached
    • Increase its employees’ public health competencies through trainings, conferences, workshops, and education materials
    • Promote the growth of the future tribal PH workforce through community outreach
    • Maintain an interactive, dashboard-like, and culturally appropriate “Cherokee Nation Tribal Public Health” website that contains current and relevant information about health and public health matters in Cherokee Nation
    • Develop a system to allow for department-wide access to a performance management system site that will store PHAB accreditation-related documentation

2011 Funding (Year 2)

  • Amount of funding: $843,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Continue to expand and improve the Nation's current tribal public health infrastructure to better serve their people
    • Work towards achieving accreditation for the Nation's tribal public health system through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)
    • Implement the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships tools in efforts to plan and meet PHAB's accreditation prerequisites and standards
    • Conduct multiple assessments
    • Develop a strategic plan
    • Develop a Cherokee Nation Tribal Community Health Improvement Plan based on the Forces of Change Assessment
    • Develop a timeline and roadmap on how to apply to for and meet PHAB's accreditation standards

2010 Funding (Year 1)

Component I

  • Amount of funding: $100,000
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will:
    • Focus on building, institutionalizing, and implementing performance management capacity within health departments
    • Support full-time "Performance Improvement Manager" who will participate in a national network of performance improvement professionals supported by CDC

Component II

  • Amount of funding: $1,660,128
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will enhance public health improvement efforts beyond Component I through two or more categories including: performance management, policy and workforce development, public health system development/redevelopment and best practice implementation.

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