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National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHII)

Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA)

Official Website (Bona Fide Agent):
Pacific Island Health Officers Association

2013 Funding (Year 4)

  • Amount of funding: $537,585
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Provide technical assistance for planning, accreditation readiness, quality improvement initiatives, and non-communicable disease (NCD) surveillance, complementing US Pacific Island jurisdiction NPHII efforts related to the completion of health assessments, health improvement plans, and strategic plans
    • Implement a 40-hour training course for public health department staff in up to two jurisdictions to increase knowledge of performance management and assist agencies preparing for public health accreditation to assemble the required documentation
    • Invite partners in current or former leadership positions within the NPHII network to provide coaching and continued professional development in performance management and accreditation readiness through senior leadership workshops
    • Develop effective cadres of professionals by providing ongoing training and education, peer support and mentoring, and networking for knowledge and best practices through at least one regional workshop or training
    • Continue efforts to implement a regional NCD strategic roadmap, developed in response to a regional declaration of emergency for NCDs

2012 Funding (Year 3)

  • Amount of funding: $593,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Provide technical assistance and training to assist jurisdiction health departments with strategic planning efforts
    • Facilitate a review process to determine if Public Health Accreditation Board standards align with the needs of Pacific Island jurisdictions
    • Provide technical assistance and consultation to assist each jurisdiction in completing a quality improvement initiative
    • Increase the number of health department staff members trained in performance management
    • Provide technical assistance/consultancy to assist jurisdiction health departments in reviewing, analyzing, and synthesizing noncommunicable diseases data for meaningful use

2011 Funding (Year 2)

  • Amount of funding: $593,662
  • Description of Project
    Awardee will:
    • Allow jurisdictions to move forward with training and recruiting local staff to conduct surveillance related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
    • Identify evidence-based best practices related to NCDs by bringing health leaders in the region together with international subject matter experts
    • Form partnerships among stakeholders, public health, and policymakers to learn about policies most likely to impact NCDs in the region and build consensus about how to incorporate them into the region
    • Fund the establishment of baseline NCD surveillance across the region
    • Fund the formulation of a best practices "package" of evidence-based policy interventions, appropriate to the peculiar circumstances of the region, and educate leaders in the region on how these policy interventions can turn the tide of NCDs
    • Use an NCD-oriented community health assessment to form the basis for developing community health improvement plans and NCD-focused health agency strategic plans
    • Improve the capacity of the US Affiliated Pacific Islands to address the epidemic of NCDs and other health challenges

2010 Funding (Year 1)

Component I

All individual members of PIHOA applied for and were granted Component I funding as a separate entity apart from PIHOA.

American Samoa
Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
Republic of the Marshall Islands
Republic of Palau

Component II

  • Amount of funding: $1,660,128
  • Description of Project:
    Awardee will enhance public health improvement efforts beyond Component I through two or more categories including: performance management, policy and workforce development, public health system development/redevelopment and best practice implementation.

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