About the 2014 STD Prevention Conference

We are in a new era of STD prevention. Changes in resources and health systems’ structure have challenged us to take a closer look at our approaches to the complex and dynamic issues that we face. With change comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes innovation.

We are in a new era of program science. The program science framework is a bridge between scientific research and public health program management that supports:

  • Innovation and strategic scientific inquiry;
  • Impactful evidence-based targeted interventions;
  • Effective monitoring, evaluation, and quality improvement;
  • Interactive communication between scientists, clinicians, decision makers, and the implementers/practitioners.

In short, program science streamlines groundbreaking research with global STD prevention priority areas, and in turn, realizes increased efficiency and better health outcomes.

In support of this framework, we are pleased to announce that the theme for the upcoming conference is “More STD Prevention for the Money: Maximizing Impact, Efficiency and Return on Program Investments.” With this focus on efficacy and return on investments, the 2014 STD Prevention Conference invites a diverse array of professionals, including program staff, scientists, clinicians, youth-serving professionals, and reproductive health care providers. Please join us in not only embracing change, but in maximizing our efforts and resources for the health of our communities.