2012 National STD Conference - About the Conference

STD Prevention Innovation: Solutions in an Era of Change

The 2012 National STD Prevention Conference is taking place just as public health, health systems, and health care delivery are poised to transform, spurred by innovation, legislation, and the need to adapt to resource constraints. Although we do not yet know the extent to which these changes will impact STD prevention, programs, or service delivery, the field of STD prevention and control must also be poised to respond to changes in multiple arenas, including:

  • The emergence of new opportunities for collaboration between STD programs and providers and other federal, state, and local partners;
  • Changes in the configuration and operation of health systems and the impact of these changes on healthcare delivery in general and STD preventive services delivery specifically;
  • Increasing uptake of health information technology, including electronic health records, and its potential for impact on surveillance activities;
  • Expansion of covered services, including key preventive services, and the increase in the number of individuals eligible for or covered by a public or private health insurance plan;
  • Evolving research priorities designed to identify and disseminate the most effective interventions;
  • A re-crafting of the role and importance of the safety net;
  • New opportunities for increased intervention and program integration at the structural, policy, and community levels; and,
  • New opportunities for a more holistic approach to health and wellness, including sexual health, and combined intervention approaches to maximize population impact.

These anticipated changes provide us with the unique opportunity to influence the narrative; in light of this, we’re pleased to announce that the theme for our upcoming Conference is ‘STD Prevention Innovation: Solutions in an Era of Change’. This theme was chosen to illustrate the approach we want to take in the future: positive, practical, and predicated on a proactive approach to problem solving.

The 2012 National STD Prevention Conference will provide an important opportunity to build knowledge and explore partnerships as we usher in an era of change, not only for the healthcare system broadly but also for STD prevention and control. Please join us as we explore the possibilities for moving STD prevention and control into the future!

For more information, please contact Penny Loosier, Conference Coordinator, and Brenda Kelley, Assistant Conference Coordinator at STDConf@cdc.gov