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Table 5.1 Summary of Recommendations

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated.

Recommendations to improve syphilis prevention

CDC should provide technical assistance to state and local health departments seeking to improve community involvement in syphilis and other STD prevention efforts.

CDC should promote gender-sensitive STD prevention programs that take into account the special problems of women.

Recommendations to improve access to services needed to control syphilis

CDC should continue and expand its efforts to confront directly the issue of distrust of the public health system among African-Americans in the South.

CDC should develop guidelines and recommendations to help overcome barriers to utilization of clinical facilities.

CDC can encourage state health agencies to evaluate the feasibility of implementing protocols to address domestic violence as part of the delivery of women's health services.

Recommendations to improve program operations

CDC should encourage state health departments to explore with other agencies ways to remove programmatic restrictions to delivery of health services in integrated facilities.

CDC should encourage state and local health departments to accelerate efforts at minority staff recruitment, training and retention.

CDC should encourage cultural competency training for public health staff who administer public health programs.

CDC should encourage STD-specific training for health care and case management staff at corrections facilities and substance abuse treatment centers.

CDC should continue efforts to encourage STD-specific training at professional schools.

Recommendations to improve contact tracing/ partner notification

CDC should promote improvements to electronic data exchange and telecommunications support for state and local public health agencies.

CDC should support in whatever way they can programs to provide DIS with cellular telephones.