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Table 2.6 Definition of Categories Used in Data Analysis

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated.

Code Category

Category Definition

At-Risk Population
Information identifying the population at high risk for syphilis infection or transmission, the relationships of syphilis risk to HIV and other STD, the nature of risk factors, and the best ways to reach the high-risk population.
Programmatic Response
Health department programs to prevent and control syphilis specifically and STDs generally. Includes practices, policies, administrative infrastructure, and perceived barriers to program implementation or effectiveness.
Health Care System
Approaches to syphilis and STDs in the private health sector. Includes availability and accessibility of services to high-risk populations and knowledge, attitudes and practices of private providers in managing and reporting STDs.
Practices for getting prevention messages to the community generally and to the high-risk population specifically and barriers to doing this.
Information on roles of community organizations in mobilizing to address syphilis and risk factors for the disease. Includes descriptions or programs that target high-risk groups, assessments of the effectiveness of such programs, and barriers to their implementation. Also knowledge, attitudes and practices of community leaders toward syphilis, STDs, and risk factors.
Evidence for collaboration in syphilis prevention and control among community organizations inside and outside of the health care system.
Ideal Strategy
Beliefs about the ideal strategy for syphilis prevention control, including acceptability of these strategies to the community, barriers to their implementation, and whether any of these ideas have been implemented.
Demographic, economic, social, and cultural factors that have an impact on all other aspects of syphilis prevention and control in the community. Residual category used only if data could not be otherwise classified.

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