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Spirochete Request Form

The Division of STD Prevention’s Laboratory Reference and Research Branch offers T. pallidum spirochetes in aliquots of 500µl for training on the use of dark field microscopy. This is offered specifically to public health laboratories and institutions within the United States for training purposes only. For any questions about this form, please contact Dr. Allan Pillay at 404-639-2140 or stdlaboratoryspecim@cdc.govAll fields on the form must be completed in order for a request to be considered.

Requestor Information:


Institution Type:

U.S. Public Health Institution

Specimen Request Information

By checking this box, the requestor agrees to follow all necessary safety precautions involved with the handling of live spirochete organisms including but not limited to the use of adequate personal protection equipment.
By checking this box, the requestor acknowledges the specimens will be used only for the intended purpose of laboratory training for dark field microscopy. Vials are provided as 0.5 milliliter aliquots with 5 organisms per coverslip.
By checking this box, the requestor acknowledges specimen shipments will only be sent to domestic and not international addresses.