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STD*MIS - FAQ - Printing Issues

Q1: How do I print a field record or interview record if they were first printed to a file?

Go to the DOSPROMPT and switch to C:>, type the following command:


Where FILENAME = the unique name of the field record or interview record that you are trying to print. (When you asked STD*MIS to print the field or interview record, you were prompted to name this file.)

Q2: Sometimes when I print from STD*MIS it does not come out the printer. What do I do?

There are many reasons why a document may not print from STD*MIS. Most of these reasons surround the way the printer is connected to your workstation and if the printer is a network or local printer. STD*MIS is designed to print to a printer attached directly to the workstation on LPT1. If your printer is a network printer, there can be a cadre of possible problems why the document will not come out.

If this is a new problem check the printer to see if your document is in the print queue. If it is, then recapture your printer to LPT1 + the path. You might want to get your Network/System Administrator to help you with the specifics of making sure the printer is properly captured and enabled to print DOS jobs.

Note: STD*MIS has a known conflict with Windows 95 where an "end of file" print command is not sent to the printer after spooling from DOS. There is a bat file that can be added by your local Network Administrator to send an "end of file" print queue to the network printer. (FF.bat)

If the problem persists contact your STD*MIS Support Person.