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Reports for Version 4.2

Below are all the prewritten reports for use with STD*MIS version 4.2. STD*MIS includes reports written in native xBase code, EpiInfo 6 and PC SAS. A subset of EpiInfo version 6.04 is provided as part of the STD*MIS installation. If you wish to run the SAS reports, PC SAS version 8 or higher must be installed either on the workstation or on a network server that the workstation has access to. If you have any questions regarding these installation options, contact your STD*MIS support person. Select from the following installation options:

Individual Report Files

First-time Install - Follow these directions if the report you want has not been previously installed on your system.

  1. If you are a Foxpro site, download this version of Current.dbf to your STD*MIS folder and unzip it.
  2. If you are an Advantage site, download this version of Current.dbf to your STD*MIS folder and unzip it.
  3. Download the desired report from the table below into your STD*MIS folder. DO NOT unzip it.
  4. Start STD*MIS and from the Main Menu, choose Reports.
  5. From the Reports Menu, choose Install New Reports.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the desired report(s).

Update Existing Report 

To update a report already installed on your system, download the program into the STD*MIS folder and unzip it. Overwrite the existing file.

File NameCommentFile Size
CDCQA01.ZIPPositive Lab Tests w/o Morbidity35 Kb
CDCQA02.ZIPPatients With Multiple Morbidity Records35 Kb
CDCQA03.ZIPNo. Records Entered by User Id35 Kb
CDCQA04.ZIPInterview Records Without Morbidity35 Kb
CDCQA05.ZIPInfected FR's Without Morbidity35 Kb
CDCQA06.ZIPMorbidity Listing35 Kb
CDCQA07.ZIPMorbidity Missing Lab and/or Treatment Record35 Kb
CDCQA08.ZIPProvider Diagnosis to Treatment Time Frame Report35 Kb
CDCQA09.ZIPInterview Record List35 Kb
CDCQA10.ZIPPregnancy Status Report for Interview Records35 Kb
CDCQA11.ZIPMultiple Ix Report35 Kb
CDCQA12.ZIPMultiple Morbidity Report35 Kb
CDCQA13.ZIPDuplicate Morbidity Report35 Kb
CDCTRK01.ZIPInterview Record Report (Open)35 Kb
CDCTRK02.ZIPOOJ Log Report (Open)35 Kb
CDCTRK03.ZIPView Interview Records (Open)35 Kb
CDCTRK04.ZIPField Record Report (Open)35 Kb
CDCTRK05.ZIPSurveillance Log Report (Open)35 Kb
CDCTRK06.ZIPOpen OOJ Field Records35 Kb
CDCTRK07.ZIPPending Morbidity Tracking Report35 Kb
CDCVIS01.ZIPClinic Visit Statistics35 Kb
CDCWKST1.ZIPWorker Interview Activity40 Kb
CDCWKST2.ZIPCase Management Report40 Kb
CDCWKST3.ZIPProgram Indicator Report40 Kb
CDCWKST4.ZIPField Investigation Workload Report35 Kb
CDCWKST5.ZIPField Investigation Outcome Report40 Kb
CDCWKST6.ZIPPerformance Measures Report1800 Kb
CDCWKST7.ZIPField Reactor Investigation Outcomes by Priority40 Kb
CDCSREAC.ZIPSyphilis Reactor Report35 Kb
CDCLAB01.ZIPLab/Provider Reporting Time Frames35 Kb
CDCLAB02.ZIPSyphilis Reactor Grid Evaluation Report35 Kb
CDCLAB03.ZIPTest Results by Test Type35 Kb
CDCLAB04.ZIPSummary of Laboratory Reporting for STD's40 Kb
CHECKEYS.ZIPBlank and Duplicate Key Check Report35 Kb
SEEKKEYS.ZIPReferential Integrity Report35 Kb

Multiple Report Files

The files in the table below contain multiple STD*MIS reports in a single file and are to be used to perform a mass update of existing STD*MIS reports on your system. To install a new report, follow the instructions in the Individual Report Files section.

To update existing reports on your STD*MIS system, select the appropriate file from the table below, download it into your STD*MIS folder, and unzip it, overwriting any existing files.

NameComment*Approximate File Size
41REPTS.ZIPAll xBase-based reports for Version 4.21100 Kb
41SAS.ZIPAll PC SAS reports for Version 4.2130 Kb
41PGMS.ZIPAll EpiInfo (Morbidity) Reports for Version 4.2.88 Kb
ALL41RPT.ZIPAll reports for Version 4.21300 Kb