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File Downloads for Version 4.2

Database: Foxpro 
Current release: 4.2

Below are all the necessary files for the installation, use, and upkeep of STD*MIS, version 4.2. If you haven't upgraded your system to version 4.2, contact your STD*MIS Support Team Member for assistance in upgrading.

System Files and Patches

File NameCommentFile Size
CURRENT.ZIPMost recent CURRENT.DBF. Contains current version info for all STD*MIS system and report files.2 Kb
MMWR.ZIPMost recent MMWR week/year reference files.1 Kb
STDMIS.ZIPSTD*MIS system file (StdMis.exe)1500 Kb
NETSSOUT.ZIPNETSS extraction program (NetssOut.dll)80 Kb
HIVPSEXP.ZIPHIV Partner Services extraction program (HIVPSExp.dll)80 Kb
STDLIB.ZIPSTD*MIS system library file (StdLib.dll)170 Kb
RUNTIME.ZIPSTD*MIS system runtime files. (various .dll files)2200 Kb

Upgrade 4.1 to 4.2

The Upgrade Installation is for current users only. This option is for upgrading an existing installation of STD*MIS from version 4.1 to version 4.2 and includes only the upgrade program and those system files and reports that need updating.

Data Extraction Programs

These programs are used to extract data from STD*MIS and to write it into specific formats for special studies, etc. To utilize these programs with STD*MIS, follow these steps:

First-time Install

  1. Download the program into the STD*MIS folder and unzip it.
  2. Log into STD*MIS and select Utilities, Export data, Update custom menu. Add an entry for the extract program you just downloaded, using the information in the Comments column below.

Update Existing Extract

  1. Download the program into the STD*MIS folder and unzip it. Overwrite the existing file.
File NameCommentApproximate File Size
Name = CT_REG_3
Extension = DLL
Description = Region 3 IPP Extract
Standalone = YES
50 Kb
Name = CT_REG_4
Extension = DLL
Description = Region 4 IPP Extract
Standalone = YES
45 Kb
Name = JAIL
Extension = DLL
Description = Jail Study Extract
Standalone = YES
50 Kb

Data Correction Programs

These programs are used to either correct certain data errors or to make other necessary changes and updates to the current database. To utilize these programs with STD*MIS, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file into your current STD*MIS folder. Unzip the Patch file and overwrite any existing patch files.
  2. Log into STD*MIS and select Maintenance, Data Correction, Apply CDC Data Corrections. Select the downloaded program from the list of available data corrections. Follow the onscreen prompts for that particular program.
File NameCommentApproximate File Size
Patch.zipCurrent collection of data correction programs. Current correction programs are:

Patch5.dll - Recalculate MMWR week and year for selected report date range.
Patch6.dll - Neurosyphilis update.
Patch7.dll - Correct inconsistency in Referral table.
Patch8.dll - Correct missing data from ELR/Mis-coding in 4.1.
Patch10.dll - Correct incomplete data in uploaded IR's.
Patch11.dll - Correct incorrect coding of Other Place of Interview.
45 Kb