Figure DD

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In 2018, 31,650 unique MSM presented for care in 18 STD clinics in nine SSuN jurisdictions. In total, 26,159 unique MSM were tested for urogenital gonorrhea and/or chlamydia (26,151 for gonorrhea and 26,087 for chlamydia). The proportion of men tested for urogenital (either gonorrhea or chlamydia) infection was similar within each of the SSuN jurisdictions, though the proportion who tested positive (positivity) varied by SSuN jurisdiction. Urogenital gonorrhea positivity was higher than urogenital chlamydia positivity in seven of the nine jurisdictions: Baltimore, Miami, Multnomah County, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle. Urogenital chlamydia positivity was equal or higher than urogenital gonorrhea positivity in Massachusetts and Minnesota. The median urogenital positivity for gonorrhea among MSM was 7.9% (range: 4.3%–13.3%) and for chlamydia was 5.8% (range: 4.3%–11.1%) across the nine jurisdictions.