Figure U. Gonorrhea — Rates of Reported Cases by Race, Hispanic Ethnicity and Sex, United States, 2017

Figure U. Bar graph showing 2017 rates of reported cases of gonorrhea in the United States for men and women by race and Hispanic ethnicity. Data provided in table 22B.

NOTE:  Not all US jurisdictions reported cases in OMB-compliant race categories in 2017. This may minimally under- or overestimate rates for Asians, NHOPI, or Multirace individuals. For completeness, data in this figure include cases reported from all jurisdictions. See Section A1.5 in the Appendix for information on race and Hispanic ethnicity in STD case reporting.

ACRONYMS: AI/AN = American Indians/Alaska Natives; NHOPI = Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders; OMB = Office of Management and Budget.