Figure 34. Gonorrhea — Estimated Proportion* of Cases by Treatment Regimen Received and Jurisdiction†, STD Surveillance Network (SSuN), 2017

Figure 34. Bar chart showing estimated proportion of gonorrhea cases in 2017 by treatment regimen received and jurisdiction. Data from the STD Surveillance Network (SSuN).

* Percentage and 95% CI reflect weighted estimates for all reported gonorrhea cases; minor variances cause category estimates to total to slightly more or less than overall case estimate.

† Includes SSuN jurisdictions with documented treatment information (antimicrobials and dosages) for ≥90% of cases with complete investigations.

‡ The recommended treatment for uncomplicated gonorrhea is dual treatment with 250 mg dose of Ceftriaxone [IM] plus 1 g dose of Azithromycin [PO].

§ California data exclude San Francisco.

ADAPTED FROM: Weston EJ, Workowski K, Torrone E, et al. Adherence to CDC recommendations for the treatment of uncompllicated gonorrhea – STD Surveillance Network (SSuN), United States, 2016. MMWR Morb Mort Wkly Rep. 2018; 67:473–76.

ACRONYMS: CI = Confidence interval; GC = Gonorrhea; IM = Intramuscular injection; PO = By mouth.