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Table 33. Primary and Secondary Syphilis - Reported Cases and Rates* Among Men and Women and Male-To-Female Rate Ratios in the Counties and Independent Cities Ranked in the Top 30 for Cases in 2010, United States, 2009-2010

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated. Newer data is available on the STD Data and Statistics page.

Independent City†
Rate Ratio
Maricopa County, AZ1577.71467.280.490.519.314.4
Alameda County, CA658.810414.140.581.117.612.8
Los Angeles County, CA74715.367613.8210.4130.338.346.0
Riverside County, CA878.211610.940.400.020.522.8
San Diego County, CA18412.027117.760.430.230.088.5
San Francisco County, CA31074.936989.141.061.574.959.4
Washington, D.C.15354.113246.6103.220.616.977.7
Broward County, FL15417.920824.2182.0121.39.018.6
Hillsborough County, FL8714.89816.6142.3203.36.45.0
Miami-Dade County, FL28022.933927.8332.6342.78.810.3
DeKalb County, GA18751.514941.1205.2112.99.914.2
Fulton County, GA36872.330259.3285.3183.413.617.4
Cook County, IL59423.170527.4401.5943.515.47.8
Caddo County, LA6654.88570.57556.39470.61.01.0
Baltimore (City), MD11839.714849.8236.8144.15.812.1
Suffolk County, MA11230.712534.310.371.810219.1
Clark County, NV798.211912.370.760.611.720.5
Bronx County, NY16425.015022.8111.5131.816.712.7
Kings County, NY28223.222618.6261.990.712.226.6
New York County, NY43055.440652.391.191.150.447.5
Queens County, NY11810.513011.610.130.310538.7
Franklin County, OH9216.410118.0152.691.56.312.0
Hamilton County, OH7919.314635.6265.89922.23.31.6
Philadelphia County, PA19126.421229.3273.3263.28.09.2
Shelby County, TN11325.811325.86212.9285.82.04.4
Bexar County, TX17221.315318.9404.7273.24.55.9
Dallas County, TX20616.61229.8887.3544.52.32.2
Harris County, TX25612.521710.6713.5552.73.63.9
Tarrant County, TX12213.710511.7606.7465.12.02.3
King County, WA9610.021422.330.320.233.3112.0

* Cases per 100,000 population.

† Counties and independent cities are in alphabetical order by state.

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