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Table A4. Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Sexually Transmitted Diseases Goals and Measures

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated. Newer data is available on the STD Data and Statistics page.

GPRA GoalsBaselineActual PerformanceLong-Term Goal
Goal 1: Reduction in PID (as measured by initial visits to physicians in women 15 to 44 years of age)197,000146,000104,000168,000
a. Prevalence of Chlamydia in high-risk women ≤25 years*10.1%13.2%12.8%15.1%
b. Prevalence of Chlamydia in women ≤25 years in family planning clinics*5.6%6.9%7.4%7.4%
c. Incidence of Gonorrhea/100,000 population in women 15–44 years of age278.0291.0285.0296
Goal 2: Elimination of Syphilis (as measured by incidence of P&S Syphilis/100,000 population)
a. Incidence of P&S Syphilis/100,000 population—men3.
b. Incidence of P&S Syphilis/100,000 population—women1.
c. Incidence of Congenital Syphilis/100,000 live births10.
d. Black:white rate ratio of P&S Syphilis8:17:18:16.7:1

GPRA GoalsData Source
1National Disease and Therapeutic Index (IMS Health).
1–aNational Job Training Program.
1–bRegional Infertility Prevention Projects (IPP), STD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
1–cSTD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
2STD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
2–aSTD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
2–bSTD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
2–cSTD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.
2–dSTD Surveillance System (STDSS), NCHHSTP, CDC.

* Median state-specific chlamydia prevalence/positivity.