Campaign Materials – #TreatMeRight


Looking for Treat Me Right materials for your STD Awareness Week activities? We’ve got you covered! From this page, you can access the entire collection of Treat Me Right digital campaign materials.

Suggested Daily Themes:

  • Day 1: An overview of the campaign and the importance of fostering a trusting patient-provider relationship and empowering patients to stay healthy.
  • Day 2: Provide tips on how to identify a supportive healthcare provider.
  • Day 3: Provide tips on how to talk with a healthcare provider about your sexual health and STD testing.
  • Day 4: Provide tips on how to talk with a patient about their sexual history, STD testing, and treatment.
  • Day 5: Reinforce the actions that individuals and healthcare providers can take to develop a productive provider-patient relationship.

Searching for STD prevention resources you can share with your community year-round? Visit the General STD Resources page for links to fact sheets, infographics, screening recommendations, and more. There’s something for everyone!