Campaign Materials - #SyphilisStrikesBack

Syphilis Strikes Back

Looking for Syphilis Strikes Back materials for your STD Awareness Week activities? We’ve got you covered! From this page, you can access the entire collection of Syphilis Strikes Back digital campaign materials.

Suggested Daily Themes:

  • Day 1: Syphilis in the U.S. – An overview of what syphilis is, how it is affecting specific communities, and why this potentially dangerous health issue needs attention.
  • Day 2: Syphilis among gay and bisexual men – Focus on the group that has been hit the hardest by syphilis, and outline action steps for gay and bisexual men and their health care providers.
  • Day 3: Syphilis among women, pregnant women, and newborns – Focus on the increase in syphilis among women, the resulting impact on pregnant women and newborns, as well as what women and their health care providers can do to help.
  • Day 4: Disrupt syphilis! – Focus on what actions are needed to combat syphilis moving forward.
  • Day 5: Syphilis recap – Highlight key information shared during the week about syphilis and what can be done to prevent, diagnose, and treat it.

Searching for STD prevention resources you can share with your community year-round? Visit the General STD Resources page for links to fact sheets, infographics, screening recommendations, and more. There’s something for everyone!