Sample Social Media – #SaferSexGamePlan

These social media messages for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help amplify STD prevention messages during STD Awareness Week. Select messages that align with your audiences and goals. Additional suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Use #STDWeek and #SaferSexGamePlan hashtags on Twitter and Instagram during STD Awareness Week to join the conversation and share information, pictures and videos.
  • Customize messages with local testing options. Incorporate local hashtags that may help your messages reach your target audience.
  • Share messages with Prepare Before You’re There campaign graphics or your own images, GIFs, and videos.
  • Follow and tag @CDCSTD on Twitter and CDC STD on Facebook.

Spread Awareness about STD Awareness Week

  • #STDWeek is here! Use this week to make a #SaferSexGamePlan so that you’re prepared to prevent STIs before you play. Learn more, decide what’s right for you.
  • Don’t roll the dice with your #SexualHealth! This #STDWeek, prepare before you’re there with a #SaferSexGamePlan.

Encourage People to Make Sexual Health Intentional

  • Prepare before you’re there! Make a #SaferSexGamePlan, choose the STI prevention steps that work for you! #STDWeek
  • Be ready *before* you’re in the heat of the moment with “Prepare Before You’re There.” Take some time during #STDWeek to make a #SaferSexGamePlan and protect your #SexualHealth!
  • Be intentional about your #SexualHealth! Having a #SaferSexGamePlan in place before you play can protect you, even when sex isn’t planned. #STDWeek

Share Prevention Tips

  • Prepare Before You’re There! 1️⃣ Take a quiz to see if you’re at risk for an #STI and 2️⃣ Access resources to make a #SaferSexGamePlan before you go out or swipe right. #STDWeek
  • Prepare Before You’re There! What’s going into your #SaferSexGamePlan? Condoms, testing, and talking to your partner(s) and healthcare providers are all great #STI prevention steps! #STDWeek
  • Sexually transmitted infections are NOT inevitable – they can be prevented! Use these tips for talking to your partner(s) and healthcare provider. #SaferSexGamePlan #STDWeek

Promote the Conversation Badge

  • Need a #SexualHealth conversation icebreaker? Add the NEW Conversation Badge to your dating profile to signal that STI prevention and sexual wellness matters to you: #SaferSexGamePlan #STDWeek
  • Start a conversation about #SexualHealth, without the stigma, with the new Conversation Badge: #SaferSexGamePlan #STDWeek
  • Ready to #StopSTIgma? Add the Conversation Badge to your profile/dating profile app(s) to open up a #SexualHealth conversation – judgement-free! #SaferSexGamePlan #STDWeek