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STD Awareness Month - Resources

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It’s STD Awareness Month! Learn why this year’s theme is ‘Syphilis Strikes Back’: #STDMonth17

Join us to tackle the dangerous return of #syphilis this STD Awareness Month. Learn more: #STDMonth17

#Syphilis is increasing across the U.S. What’s happening where you live? Find out: #STDMonth17

Why are we talking about #syphilis in 2017? Here’s why →  #STDMonth17 #SyphilisStrikesBack

#Syphilis is an STD that can have very serious complications when not treated. #STDMonth17 #SyphilisStrikesBack


STD Awareness Month is here! Syphilis rates are increasing across the U.S. and in most communities. To underscore the importance of reversing this trend, the entire month of April will be dedicated to syphilis prevention. Under the umbrella theme of ‘Syphilis Strikes Back’, each week will address a different aspect of what’s happening with syphilis today. Visit the STD Awareness Month website for more info: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis


It’s week 2 of #STDMonth17! This week will focus on #syphilis prevention among gay & bisexual men. More info:  

Gay & bisexual men remain hardest-hit by syphilis:  #STDMonth17 #SyphilisStrikesBack

What gay & bisexual men need to know to protect themselves from #syphilis: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Gay & bisexual men: If you’re sexually active, you should be tested for #syphilis AT LEAST once a year← #STDMonth17

#Clinicians: Here’s what you can do to protect your gay & bisexual patients: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis


This week of STD Awareness Month will focus on syphilis prevention among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM). While anyone who is sexually active can get syphilis, MSM remain hardest-hit – but syphilis is not inevitable! Here’s how gay and bisexual men can protect themselves and their partners: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Clinicians: You play a big role in protecting ALL patients from the damaging effects of STDs like syphilis. It’s important, however, to understand that gay and bisexual men have unique health needs for you to consider when providing them with care. Here are steps you can take to protect their health: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis 


#STDMonth17 week 3 will focus on #syphilis prevention among women & newborns. Learn more: #SyphilisStrikesBack

Syphilis increased among women, pregnant women & newborns ← #STDMonth17 #SyphilisStrikesBack

Women: #Syphilis can be prevented! Here’s information to help protect yourself → #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Moms-to-be: You should be tested for #syphilis during pregnancy. Know exactly when w/this information: #STDMonth17

#Clinicians: Here’s what you can do to protect women & pregnant patients from #syphilis:  #STDMonth17


The 3rd week of STD Awareness Month will focus on the increasing impact of syphilis on women and even newborns. Here’s how women can protect themselves and their babies – if they’re pregnant – from infection: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Clinicians: All pregnant women should be tested for syphilis at their first prenatal visit! Learn more about this and other steps to prevent syphilis among women here: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis


We’ve beaten back #syphilis before & we can do it again. These resources can help: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

We can #DisruptSyphilis by getting back to the basics of prevention: #STDMonth17 #SyphilisStrikesBack

Take charge of your health! Ask your doctor if syphilis testing is right for you. Find testing near you: #STDMonth17

#Clinicians: You play an important role in preventing syphilis! Here’s help← #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Get the facts on #syphilis. That’s a great start to protecting you & your partner: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis


Syphilis may be making a comeback, but there are actions we can take and resources we can use to help reduce its impact: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

This STD Awareness Month focused on the return of syphilis, but there is good news! We can make a difference by simply getting back to the basics of prevention – by doing what we already know works: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis

Take charge of your health! Talk to your healthcare provider about what STD testing is right for you, including syphilis. Find an STD testing location near you: #STDMonth17 #DisruptSyphilis